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Someone reinvented the wheel

Jaq James has uninvented the wheel. Stepping out of the ring, she has combined recognizing tea scents with the Periodic Table of Elements to create an imaginative aroma reference. At first look, its structure seems to mimics the way our brain stores and recalls scents while leaving room for expansion and reorganization.  I’ll be discussing the chart in the image and…

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Limited Edition Matcha Ice Cream

Shizuoka Japan tea producer and retailer Oyaizu Seiich was awarded Daijinsho during the latest National Tea Products Awards.  This high honor of The Minister’s Award, is given by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for outstanding quality of a tencha.  Since tench is the raw material that matcha is made from, it only stands to reason that a…

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Tatami Starbucks

Part of the fun of travel is going to an iconic American business while abroad to see how it’s adapted for a non-american tastes. Some people focus on McDonalds, others go for a pizza chain, but for me, it’s Starbucks. The Starbucks by my flat in Paris looks like any one stateside, serving identical offerings in real cups with fancier…

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Julian Landa, Gimlet, Tea, GIn, Lrmongrass

Summer Gimlet

The unexpected citrus notes brightens up a classic gimlet.  The recipe is easily be scaled up for a group and the lemongrass syrup and juices can be combined into a sweet & sour mix.  This non-alcoholic blend is refreshing served in a tall glass over ice with sparking water. Last year Cynthia Gold shared my recipe in Tea Journey Magazine accompanied by…

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Chicago Cocktail summit image.

Cocktail Summit Returns to Chicago

The Chicago Cocktail Summit returns to the Logan Theater in Logan SquareTheater on April 2and & 3rd..  I’ll be presenting a session called:  In the Bag: Tea, Cocktails & You on the first day sponsored by Prairie Organic Spirits. Last year Eric Westra of Westra and Company joined forces with Billy Helmkamp of The Whistler to present this educational event.  Sessions were as varied as the…

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The Taste of Tea from Your Tongue’s Point of View.

17 July 2017 Update: the revised edition is now available on Amazon. I haven't compared both texts. I am assured by Virginia that the updates are vital & improve the book greatly. Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace is a lifelong sensory explorer and award winning educator.  Her experience as a physician, researcher, scientist and faculty member in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at…

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