I am an evangelist for tea. I stay up to date on research  and trends, while always keeping an eye out for accomplices in my adventures.  Yet for years I never really gave much thought to tea.  It was just something I drank, ever since I was a child. Then, as my tastes broadened so did my desire for knowledge about tea.  In my travels I discovered that every culture had a ritual or specific tradition involving tea.  This discovery turned me into a virtual sponge for tea knowledge — I had to soak up as much as I could.

At first I read and read and then read some more. I sought out local tea groups and was enthralled by gracious tea shop owners who believe in educating customers. To my delight I found like-minded people everywhere. It wasn’t long before I made my way through every respected tea education program I could find and through them earned a bundle of professional certificates in the art and science of tea.  Then it became my turn to bring  knowledge of the many amazing  facets of tea to others.

I began teaching for the Specialty Tea Institute and then quickly branched out to creating custom programs on a broad range of subjects, all embracing tea. As an independent consultant I can provide unbiased options and work with a wide variety of companies to create a custom tailored for my clients.


North American Japanese Tea Instructor Association
Bamboo Level Certificate

World Tea Academy
Certified Tea Professional
Certified Tea Sommelier
Certified Tea Health Specialist
Certified Tea Specialist

Tea Association of Canada
Certified Tea Sommelier

Specialty Tea Institute
Certified Tea Specialist

Fragrance Foundation
Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist

American Cardiology Technologist Association
Cardiology Technologist


World Green Tea Association
North American Japanese Tea Instructor Association
James Beard Foundation
Institute of Art and Olfaction
Canadian Tea Association
Specialty Tea Institute


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