I have had the privilege of collaborating with Marzi on several occasions. She is able to convey information in an approachable manner regardless of her audience – whether it be seasoned industry professionals or elementary students. Her sensory expertise is beyond compare and I am always amazed by how much I learn from her. Combining her business acumen, beverage knowledge and sensory skills, she can tailor programs specific to her clients to help them achieve their goals. You can’t go wrong with Marzi Pecen.

Billy Dietz
Tea Development Specialist at DAVIDsTEA

The unbelievably knowledgeable and great-hearted Marzi Pecen is a friend of mine I am happy to vouch for. Listen to her!

James Norwood Pratt
Author and Speaker

I met Marzi at World Tea Expo back in 2012, and ever since have been amazed about how much she knows, not just about tea, but about perfume, food, history, cultures…the world in general! I was thrilled that she could join with us and bring the indispensable experience of aromas to our workshop on oolongs at World Tea Expo 2016. The sensory experience, and her comments about it, made the workshop rich with useful and pleasurable information.

Marzi brings to everything she does curiosity, enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and importantly, the ability to bring her vast knowledge to others in an accessible and informative way. She’s the best!

Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace MD
Author of “Three Basic Teas & How to Enjoy Them

If there were rock stars in the tea world, Marzi would easily qualify as our David Bowie.  Wait, he’s dead.   Let’s go with Patti Smith.

Greg Glancy
Norbu Tea

Marzi can design a tea program that will be uncomplicated and inspired in the kitchen to enhance the diners experience.  She’s ahead of the trends on ice tea & tea cocktails.

Todd Duplechan