The Taste of Tea from Your Tongue’s Point of View.

17 July 2017 Update: the revised edition is now available on Amazon. I haven't compared both texts. I am assured by Virginia that the updates are vital & improve the book greatly.

Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace is a lifelong sensory explorer and award winning educator.  Her experience as a physician, researcher, scientist and faculty member in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University mingled with her love of tea and her inquisitive mind is what makes this a one of a kind book on tea.  Devoid of the usual photos of tea fields, origination myths and tea wear discussions, she grabs the reader and leads us through the intricacies of how any why we taste what we taste and how we can tweak our experiences of these three featured teas. Never intimidating and always understandable, Virginia illustrates the principals of sensory science & tea chemistry with such skill that the reader has a deep understanding of a subject that often baffles experts.

While the audience for this book appears to be tea lovers, the exploration of tea is a great way to learn about taste, sensory receptors and food pairing. Culinary adventurers, science geeks, sensory enthusiasts, tea lovers and anyone with a mouth and nose will benefit from this short and easy read.

Full disclosure:  Virginia is a friend and did provide me with an advanced copy of this book.  The only influence these factors have had on this review is that I got to write about it before others.

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